lorraine lee-1

I love to travel and try something new. I'm always up for a new adventure.

I make awsome homeade funnel cakes. Yep! just like at the carnival. Smothered in powdered sugar, ice cream and fresh strawberries. Yummy!

My favorite thing to do is laugh. Told ya!

I'm a child of God

Horses, and horseback riding are two of my favorite things. This is my horse Tany, I had to find her a new home when I moved to Las Vegas. WOW, do I miss her.

My favorite color is purple and lime green.

I have a thing for boots, especially my black and orange cowboy boots.

I love my Kindle and take it oeveryware with me. If you dont know what that is visit Amazon and check it out. I can't live without my romance novels.

I miss Micheal Jackson. I'm very sad that he's goone. I remember going to a concert with my mother and both of us screaming out heads off. Gone to soon.!

My favorite movies are Lord of The Rings 1,2,3 and the first Matrix. Which pill would you have taken?

I love Jesus because he died for me.

I adore animals and wanted to be a vet when I was growing up until I found out that I would have to go to school like FOREVER! Here is my baby China, I miss her terribly. Wasnt she the cutest thing? It's hard to loose a family member

I'm from Michigan and grew up in Detroit. Go Cass Tech!

Im a only child. and yes I'm spoiled but I'm not a brat.

No, I'm not going to tell you how much I love photography and that I adore my camera, If your on my website then I think you already know that. I I'm just going to tell you random thinkgs about myself.

contact me to chat about your plans & to see if your date is still available - info@lorraineleephoto.com - 702-518-5722 - Las Vegas, NV