I am a photographer, only child, a daughter, a friend, a cousin. First I love God, then my family and friends, but next it's photography. I can't tell you when I fell in love with it, it just seems like something that was always there. A blessing, or a gift that was given to me.

I know it kind of cliché to say how important photos are but they really are. My grandmother has this wall in her house that houses lots of family photos. I remember looking at those photos as a kid thinking ‘that’s what my mom looked like when she was in high school’, or pictures of my grandmother on her wedding day. Priceless!

Why I do this? It's selfish really, I LOVE helping someone feel BEAUTIFUL.

My camera allows me to see the beauty in everyone. I try to bring it out so that everyone can see it, especially brides. I think a bride glowing with excitement and anticipation is one of the most beautiful things there is.

Families are such an important part of who we are and a wedding is the start of a new family and at the same time , it brings families together.


Photography should be mixed with FUN, a bit of GLAM and lots, and lots of BEAUTY.